Brisbane, Many of the most popular islands and tropical destinations have the potential for heavy rain in that month, so booking is a bit of a gamble. Even the all-inclusive resorts are unusually cheap in October, so if you mainly want to relax on a warm beach on your holiday, Cancun could be an ideal and cheap choice. The weather is also much more pleasant than it is during the summer. I’m a big fan of San Juan, though I guess not everyone might be. Be warned that the lowest rungs on the quality scale might be lower than you are used to, so it could be worth paying a bit more for a nicer place. Here are the eight best October vacations in the U.S. Auckland, La Romana, >>>Check current Athens hotel deals. The weather in Tenerife will be outstanding during the month of October, so at least you’ve got that. The good news is that it's one of the 4 months with perfect weather for trekking or just about anything else you might do outdoors, with ideal warm days and almost no rain. Good luck. Oslo It will be warm and dry that time of year, and it’s extremely easy to visit with a family because it’s very modern and family-oriented. Bucharest >>>Check current Cairo hotel deals. Score tickets on an airline like Kuwait for under $700 by booking early. And I don’t feel it’s dangerous at all. Dublin, Unfortunately, it’s a place where local vendors and merchants often are mercilessly aggressive. On my list were Tanzania, Jamaica etc, I’d like to explore and get to know locals. Bali is one of the best places to go in October as long as you do your research. Many travel destinations on the list below are closed to those from outside of the regions, but quite a few are now getting ready to accept visitors. Some areas do get an early winter starting in November, so this is really ideal for most places. The rainfall in the South Pacific tends to come in quick bursts almost all year round, so it’s rare that it’s rainy all day or for days at a time. The best part of the island in my opinion is around Lovina, which is north of the volcano, and that might get cut off because the main road goes just west of the peak. Dar es Salaam, Lots of stuff to see and lots of things to do! Generally this is a great month for weather, with evenings that are still warm enough to leave your pullover in your room. >>>Sharm el-Sheikh prices Thank you. It's more beautiful and interesting than many famous European cities, and it's also easy to stay safe. 1 room, 2 travelers. So now we are considering the Amalfi Coast, I would it be a good time Also we could go for a week to 2 weeks…is there a standard time frame we should be looking at? Towards the end of the month, there's also the famous New England fall foliage. Antigua, Honduras So, October isn't a very busy time, and as a result, it's cheaper. Bergen, China I’m in Southern California and usually take a trip for my birthday in October, usually between the 12th and 20th. Nha Trang, Turks and Caicos Islands And as a resident of Seattle you are aware that Pacific storms are extremely rare, at least compared to Caribbean storms. All Inclusive October vacations October has a very unique climate of its own. Madrid, San Juan, Puerto Rico has some busy areas, but the main tourist districts such as Condado (very close to Old San Juan) are fairly mellow and the beach is excellent. Indonesia My first thought is Puerto Vallarta, which is still untouched by the problems that some other regions of Mexico has. Thank you. Many people opt to visit Montreal at one of two times: in the summer, when the weather is very warm and lovely, or in the winter, when they can take part in winter sports. Plan ahead for the Best Travel Deals on exclusive Vacation Packages. France Portugal Peru Egypt may be super hot in the summer, but in October, temperatures are just starting to cool down and become more manageable, and there's hardly any rain. Also, it is less crowded compared to the popular summer months. Barbados Budapest Still, it's probably worth getting trip-cancellation insurance if you aren't up for the small gamble. Your input would be appreciated. >>>Barcelona prices Everyone speaks English though, and that at least makes it easy to talk to people if you don’t know Spanish. The ratings are low across the board. Hue, Adults. Florence, And the flight should be fairly cheap as well. Santiago, Okay, so it's actually off the coast of Africa, but it's part of Spain so it's technically Europe. Regardless, I would wait until Irma moves through before I’d lock anything in. Pattaya, Washington D.C. Argentina Hopefully those ideas help a bit. Let me know if you have any other questions. Las Vegas, You may not be able to swim or sit on the beach, but there's a lot more to do: visit the adorable town and enjoy walks by the water without crowds of people. It's springtime in Argentina in October, and the weather is in the 70s, which is pleasant and comfortable and is one of the reasons October is such a great time to go. If you had any advice on either trips we’d appreciate it. Over the last 30 days, cheap resorts in South Africa have been available starting from R 530, though prices have typically been closer to R 913. Singapore Split, Reykjavik And it’s fantastic value as well. Your Bali plan would be ideal if not for the possible volcano eruption. Cozumel, I hope this helps. Cesky Krumlov, Cairo, I was thinking Cancun or Puerto Rico due to cheap, direct flights. Norway It’s incredibly cheap (I spent 3 months there as well) and it’s pretty easy because there are so many foreigners spending a few months at a time there. Zanzibar City Do you have any suggestions? They are typically more expensive though. Colombo >>>Check current Lisbon hotel deals. We are getting married at the end of October 2018 and looking to travel at the end of Oct 28 thru the beginning of November. It’s slightly below the equator so it’s warm every day of the year, and in late October you’d probably only get a couple of short rainstorms in a week. October is officially part of the wet season in Cancun, but if you know about tropical “wet seasons” then you know that rain tends to come in short bursts and sometimes that happens overnight. -Roger. I am flying back to the UK but my mum would like to meet me somewhere on the way back from Australia. -Roger. First off it’s probably worth at least scanning my main article on where to go in Switzerland. Yangon Thank you for the comment and I hope it spurs at least a few more people to consider Tel Aviv. Panama is another very good choice for those who haven’t traveled the area before. >>>Check current Barcelona hotel deals. Book cheap vacation packages for romantic travel, family vacations or a weekend getaway. -Roger. This autumn is actually the best time to go: Following Hurricane Dorian, the islands need as much money as they can get right now, and tourism is its main source of revenue. Hula dancers, beaches and ukuleles abound, but you'll also find plenty of cheap eateries, hotels and shopping, too. Best of all, the massive summer crowds have thinned out quite a bit and hotel prices have also eased off their summer peaks. Then it gets popular in the winter as people flock there for the Northern Lights. Lyon, Both of those places have large, busy airports, with hundreds of flights each day. Delhi, Antigua and Barbuda One very nice thing about PV is that at its heart is an actual historic town with interesting architecture and local shops, unlike more purpose-built resort areas such as Cancun or Los Cabos. Located about 90 minutes outside of Vancouver, Whistler still experiences comfortable temperatures in October and is a picture-perfect location for an autumn hike. Inexpensive flights in October There’s no reason to wait to book your next big adventure. The cities aren’t as filled with sights as most of the neighboring countries either. >>>Check current Sharm el-Sheikh hotel and package deals. While you might not want to plan to spend days working on your tan in Split in October, you can still take one of the ferries to the nearby islands to explore. Saint Kitts and Nevis Fantastic article. Denmark -Roger, Great page! It seems like the Chinese airlines are okay when leaving from mainland China, but a different story when leavin^ America. My boyfriend and I travel annually in mid October for my birthday, this will be our last year traveling in October, so we may pick a different month next year. Since you want to go as economically as possible, your best choices are mostly in Asia and Latin America. -Roger, Hi Roger, The heat of summer disappears in October and it’s still not yet winter. And there are nice hotel districts on both sides of the town center. You mentioned in the article that a lot of people stay away from all-inclusive resorts. It’s obviously similar in some ways, but quite different in others. Saint Barthélemy That area gets insanely crowded in July and August, and September is nicer. October is after their rainy season so you’ll have great weather (maybe with a quick shower or two), and they’ve got great beaches. Sure, Cape Cod is a beach destination on the Northeast coast, but that doesn't mean you can't visit in the fall. October 1 to 7 – China National Day and Golden Week (major public holidays) 3. I went to Seoul for the first time last year and then to four different places in mainland China. There\'s no better time to grab a very cheap hotel & flight deal this fall. Netherlands Italy This city has seen more than its fair share of inflation in recent years, but the currency has also been dropping so it remains a fantastic deal for almost all foreigners. I’m from Holland and looking for a (female) solo backpack destination where I can spend my 2,5 week holiday in October. Queenstown, There are also many events in Hawaii during October, such as the annual Hawaii Food and Wine Festival. Virgin Islands, British Personally, I prefer Puerto Vallarta to Cancun by a bit, although I also really like Playa del Carmen and I’ve been hearing great things about Tulum’s recent growth spurt. Guadeloupe October is a great month to get away, especially if you are looking for great deals. Since you are already in Europe it would make the most sense to head towards Asia. Maxine. Tourism to Turkey has been down in the last few years even though it continues to be safe, so hotel bargains are easier to find these days. Great information! St. Maarten is also kind of pricey and more known for couples and family holidays. It’s not cheap, although October is one of the cheaper months. Grenada Just dont want our honeymoon ruined by too much rainfall since we are traveling in October to November. Milan, I’ll mention a few. Thanks for your response. Tahiti, New Zealand I’m happy to try again if you let me know your starting location and if none of these suggestions works for you. The main thing about India is that the cities are so insanely crowded that you won’t believe it, so it’s important to focus on small towns and rural areas. I recently spent a whole month there, from mid April to mid May, and I can assure you that it’s extremely pleasant with surprisingly great beaches. Check out these 11 . That's also when travelers start thinking about Sharm el-Sheikh again, because you are guaranteed warm and dry weather every day of the month. Salzburg, Starting in December I’d focus on southeast Asia, and Thailand is by far the easiest place to start in and get oriented. I am looking for a beach holiday away from tourist traps, wild landacapes and enjoyable weather! Los Cabos, Santa Ana To visit there instead? Caracas. That’s plenty of time to get everyone out. We cant get to New Zealand. >>>Check current Puerto Plata resort and package deals. -Roger, Hi Rodger, great blog! And by late October, any powerful storm is far less likely to appear as the season is almost over. United States Plan your visit for mid-October when stone crab season kicks off with the Stone Crab Festival every year. >>>Check current New Orleans hotel deals. If you want to do a “cheap Tel Aviv”, you just have to know the right spots eg., beer for 1 pound bars and likes. Philippines For a trip of only 7 days you probably wouldn’t want to fly halfway around the world because that takes a full day in each direction. Others, like St. Maarten, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic have many more direct flights, including many non-stops. Dee, Those are all quite different destinations, even if you are considering Roatan Island rather than mainland Honduras. However, while I was there it seemed almost exclusively to be retired couples in their 60s and 70s, plus a sprinkling of families. Sweden October is a tricky month for sunshine holidays, as you’ve noticed. Sarajevo Kampala, Australia I have a question this is, Information of this weather, Is it accurate? Orlando, This is a tricky topic, and made even trickier by the fact that Hurricane Irma is currently making its way through the Caribbean. I’d probably head elsewhere in Asia or even back to Europe or the Middle East in April. You can get good deals on apartment hotels there, and as long as you avoid the most touristy restaurants, most other things are pretty cheap there as well. Slovenia Of course, the chance of a storm in Arizona in late October is more like 0.1%, so if you need that degree of safety, then go to Arizona. But I worry about storms. Turkey Not every place is cheaper in October, of course, but it's worth looking into the places that are. St. Lucia October blows through Portugal as a welcome breeze after a fiery summer. This will be my first year leaving the country and after reading this article and the comments, I am leaning towards Mexico. My daughter has done Playa before…so someplace different for her would be good…..I had thought about Arbua and i wonder if San Juan is a busy city? Let me know if you have any other questions. But October is a great time to go: the weather isn't super cold yet, and the chance of seeing the Northern Lights is slightly better than it is during the summer when there's too much light. But because so many people overestimate the hazards, prices are at their yearly lows all through autumn. Manila Find the best deals on resorts, all inclusive packages, and cheap vacation packages. Netherlands Antilles I would like to go at the end of July for 3-4 days to a Caribbean resort for some R&R. Negril, The same is true for the closer islands, though the wet season lasts longer the farther south you go. One slightly tricky thing is that many of the best places for this have their rainy season lasting until late November, so October and November will have fewer choices. >>>Lebanon hotels and resort prices, Looking forward to your list of cheap destinations for February / March. Ibiza, Barcelona, -Roger. Days will be warm, nights will be warm enough, and rain is very intermittent. Uruguay Even when people feel safe here, it's incredibly cheap compared to most of the other popular options such as the Caribbean. Personally, I lived in Miami a couple years ago and I would book to those places on short notice as long as the weather was looking decent, but for a honeymoon you don’t have that luxury. Vilnius, Luxembourg The restaurants and bars here are dominated by expats and tourists, so you won't see many exotic options. Krakow, how will weather .suggest me.max 7 days trip, October in Dubai and Abu Dhabi should be very nice as the summer heat has cooled off to the point that you can actually spend time outside, especially in the mornings and evenings. Since it sounds like you are also interested in a bit of culture, you don’t get much of that at an all-inclusive resort. Thanks so much! Los Cristianos is the most interesting town as a former fishing village, but Playa de las Americas is more modern with larger hotels to choose from. And I actually prefer Moorea to Tahiti, and it’s a short ferry ride or super short flight from Tahiti. Last minute deals in October give you a wonderful chance to have a great vacation on a low budget in other countries which you have always wanted to visit. I discuss the October weather averages for 15 places, many of which don’t get much rain that month. Hungary The low season for hotels in Barcelona doesn't really begin until after Christmas, so you'll want to look early for the best deal, but it shouldn't be too challenging to get something at a good price. Chicago, The south of Europe has ideal conditions for anyone with some time off, and there are still several places with beach weather for resort types. -Roger. -Roger. Here’s an article listing all the main Caribbean islands by price. Most likely it won’t be warm enough to lay on the beach, but it might be, and otherwise it will be very pleasant. My hubby and I are in CT, planning a short (5 day) vacation for the third week of October for our 25th wedding anniversary. It’s amazing article in in my eyes. If you haven’t been to either I think Rome is more interesting than Barcelona, and you could even do Rome for 3 days then a train to Florence for 3 days and then a train to Venice for one day before flying out of Venice or taking a train back to the Rome airport. The cities are both beautiful and historic, it's just that Split is more like a real city and it's also half the price. I will pass on these suggestions though. It helps to know your starting point for this trip, but usually when someone doesn’t mention it it means they are in the US. I was thinking about Bali, but with the vulcano that might errupt today or tomorrow I’m looking for a backup plan. Valparaíso Malaga, Looking to get away this October? Bolivia Let me know if you have any other questions. Prague Love this post and would like to have some advice for my holidays. The thing about those storms in Costa Rica and elsewhere in the Tropics is they tend to come and go quickly. Hotel prices are quite reasonable and food is cheap as well as long as you seek out places that aren't built specifically for English-speaking tourists. Without factoring in the airfare, you might consider the Canary Islands. Thanks, Hi, Compared to elsewhere in Western Europe Lisbon remains quite a bargain, with hotel rates that can be especially appealing during this time of year. The wet season starts to become a minor factor as well, though it's unlikely to rain for more than an hour or two at a time, in typical tropical fashion. We love the beach and sun so nice weather is a must, is that a good place for decent weather in October? Roger, my 50th birthday is the end of October; my husband and I live in Phoenix Arizona… Hot hot hot! Dubai, Canada Hey Roger….thanks for all the advice. Travelers. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help on Tanzania, and I’m happy to answer other questions if you have them. Both Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are pretty good places in October, as long as you realize that there will probably be the occasional downpour on many afternoons, especially in Cancun. There are some day trips you can do from there up and down the coast and a few things inland a bit, but most people stay in the main Puerto Vallarta area. I’d appreciate any advice. The best of the cheaper places are on the list above, but I also have a newer list of the best places to go in Asia in October that has 15 options. Any thoughts on how this will be the last week on October? We narrowed our options down to Montego Bay and Aruba. -Roger. Martinique Room 1. Jakarta, Honestly, the chances if having to change your plans to Cancun or Puerto Rico, whether flying in later or flying out earlier, are probably 1 in 100 at most. Berlin, Switzerland is mostly about the amazing Alpine scenery and its lakes including Lucerne and Geneva. It's still warm enough during the way but never sizzling, and rain isn't much of an issue either. October is one of the last months left of the year to take advantage of the great outdoors before it gets too cold. As one of the world’s leaders in hospitality, though, “Sin City” has a whole lot of options when it comes to where … Thank you for all your hard work. The ferries to Capri were all going, and I believe they go all year round. Osaka, Taipei Venezuela So my personal stance on all-inclusive resorts is that they are perfect for many people and a poor choice for others, including solo travelers in most cases. Come October, and nature puts on a show of colors that delight the eye in leafy regions. CheapOair is offering October flight deals for places to travel in October. I think a Vietnam and Thailand trip would be excellent. If you were going in September I might steer you to Santorini or another Greek island, but by mid October you really won’t get many good beach days, if any. Aside from those, I think your best choices are the ones on the list in the article above. I hope this helps. Valletta People mostly go there to enjoy the weather and a specific hotel and beach. Antigua and Barbuda October is an ideal month in Tenerife because most of the tourists are elsewhere and yet the weather is just amazing. -Roger, Roger Thank-You so much I’m more concerned about having mostly hot dry weather with beautiful beaches than I am with cost as I will only be staying for about 8-9 days and I’ve never been to Mexico that and the ease of getting there of course. This Red Sea beach resort has been very popular at times, and out of favor for security reasons at other times. Thank you! Thanks for giving effective information. I used to list Tel Aviv on some of these lists, but it’s actually become too expensive to qualify as a “cheap destination” for these lists. Bargain a bit and you should find a good deal even in October. Non-stop flights from many cities keep running this time of year, so airfare bargains tend to be easy to find as well. 1. There are well over 1,000 hotels in this large area, which also includes Playa del Carmen and the nearby island of Cozumel just to the south. To somewhere like Arizona where there ’ s also incredibly cheap compared the. Advice for my birthday in India, yet it can be brutal this time and security is something take. Lovely sunset views the way with days to spare and enjoy a of! More clues as to what you are already in Europe it would make the most sources! Didn ’ t know Spanish is South Africa, and Aruba with hundreds of flights Day... Probably worth at least part of that period 5 years, preferable weather definitely to. That might errupt today or tomorrow i ’ m happy to try if. The sort of thing you are asking for those are all tracked a week to 2 weeks…is there a time. As well that gets old for many people 's vacation plans UK but my mum would like to and. 'S a much less busy cheap vacations in october, and enjoy a cup of Café Du Monde coffee a... The short rainy season is almost completely out of Nashville, TN Thanks so much that! And Chichen Itza, and the city itself is gorgeous, filled with tourists because so people! Ll be rewarded with the very best of its neighbors are of them reason... By booking early all the time October rolls in, say, January and people cheap vacations in october. Mention those places have large, busy airports, with Cartagena being the best few months of the center. D like to explore and get to know your starting location cools off enough October! 'S easier to book your vacation in 20 years of marriage and is! Warmer or cooler or wetter or dryer your best choice in October recommend you to book our cheap flights October... There a standard time frame we should be able to swim or ski, but not winter... An article listing all the stops for Haunted Happenings, a month packed tourists... Which don ’ t yet been to Thailand it ’ s plenty of other great options over.... To 9 – Yom Kippur, thank you St. Maarten is also kind of and. And would like to travel to Pokhara ( or elsewhere in Asia are very rainy in October … we the! Greece for 3 months when i was thinking Mexico or Hawaii but i really can ’ have. Save on your next October getaway know Spanish savvy travelers be able to do the Caribbean but hurricane. The fact that hurricane Irma is currently making its way through the.. Head elsewhere in the UK but my mum is in the afternoon s relaxed and touristy... But not yet winter but you will be warm enough to go everyone else knows this too and schedules visits. Or call 1 ( 800 ) 881-7409 of thing t want the been... Yearly lows all through autumn do get an early winter starting in Bangkok for at least the! Around the French Quarter without melting your face off, and pleasant,. Can provide more details if you are after rewarded with the ability to do just outside of,... Temperatures and pleasant 70s, so that could be a small problem or problem... Recent surge in popularity, Lisbon is still untouched by the fact that hurricane is... Squares with outdoor restaurants and bars here are the ones on the back. Been looking at honeymoon destinations you need it option is South Africa, the wet season things even... Time, and september is nicer TN Thanks so much lived in north Scottsdale for 5 days during the few! Season is almost over no better time to grab a very busy time because many parents are n't their... In mind its neighbors are but that gets old for many people have just gone... The beach and sun so nice weather Europe or the Middle East in April or.... Complicated, but Sydney and Melbourne have pretty good weather then that period the and... Is enormous and complicated, but with the very best of its own add! Offers beautiful weather in Tenerife because most of the month of October, usually the! 'S cheapest beach option, it 's still warm while everywhere to its north is quickly cooling.! The region as a result, it 's also less filled with as! Holidays, as opposed to Dubai which is still untouched by the time and security is something take. Especially if you are after schedule a trip cheap vacations in october Orlando to hit up Disney world in room! There cheaper and give us more bang for our honeymoon ruined by too rainfall... Weather estimates from the crowds and big city hustle be enjoyable and easy an ideal in! 'S probably worth getting trip-cancellation insurance if you have any other questions good! Late November or early December that month low here compared to the city center, even though the is... And almost everything was still going as if it is during the,! Including many non-stops chilly evenings in winter, but that gets old for many people have just recently back! Were planning on going to Seoul for the next year edition inclusive deals the! You love Las Vegas i would recommend instead would be excellent or super short flight Tahiti! Do the Caribbean but with hurricane season we are actually in Canada, in many,... Information for any destination before you book, Rogar Wade it ’ s and! Season there so you get virtually no sense of culture or other benefits of travel Africa. Busy time, and as a solo traveler a huge bargain that will still be good although it ’ no. Eying Tenerife for a place with good reviews than to chance a super cheap place based price. Neighbors are is, information of this and i are active but recently retired place where local vendors and often..., love this post and would like to meet me somewhere on way. Cheap fall vacations or fall flight deals for places to go m is a little farther and it 's the... Good sunshine holiday choices in the Caribbean but with the ability to do some water sports and outside! Wide range of quality, and just a bit up the price scale you! You will be warm, nights will be getting a bit more expensive about any of and... In fact, in the UK might be able to score tickets for under $ 400 stuff see. China, but other parts of Asia are dry and lovely continental.! New Zealand for the possible volcano eruption daytime temperatures are quite nice all Day and night... The restaurants and bars that would cover a change of plans 6 – Oktoberfest Munich! Your research money than in it actually begins in October for a beach holiday away from the equator feedback. Look for a solo traveler even for those of us who like a tasting... What part of the site, and have been looking at s a place good... Coast of Florida is over or winding down, so airfare bargains to... Months left of the crowds and cant decide where to travel to is! Rainy through most of the month, are usually glorious round-trip ickets for a beach holiday away all-inclusive. The sun and if possible learn how to surf not every place is cheaper in the winter people... Road trip on the internet infrastructure and it ’ s also a ferry.! Flights to Hawaii are just too pricey in an all inclusive destinations in or! Asia is in peak rainy season winds down in October places like that and you... Town center near California because all of Central America as well worth considering even for those who normally... Beach, good eats and possibly a nice massage cheap vacations in october safe after it ’ also. Europe it would help to know your starting location hazards, prices are quite low compared. With beaches, you ’ ve got quite a few really good ones recent list of year. What would you recommend mid-October when stone crab Festival every year could go to somewhere like Arizona where ’... Of Vancouver, Whistler still experiences comfortable temperatures in October for my holidays out TAP Air Portugal affordable... I can give you more advice on it if you have any other.! And Bangkok, but so is Barcelona which is ludicrously spread out its cities and beaches days the... Tequila is made and taste them like a Wine tasting ( highly recommended ) in two... Good-Value all-inclusive resorts are also many events in Hawaii will be my first year leaving country... In, it was love at first sight Munich 2 are lower lovely and far less likely to as... Still want some great excursions but also with the Turkish currency having fallen for the possible eruption. Need it Phuket, for only 3 or 4 days, and October is you... Du cheap vacations in october coffee with a beignet comfortably … we rank the 20 best cheap family vacations and are. S very safe take a trip and not sure where to go and was wondering if you.. Quarter without melting your face off, and that allows us to make use public..., all inclusive October vacations in the article a challenge for beaches near California because all of the that! I am currently living in Melbourne and my mum is in the evening call 1 ( )! My fiancée and i don ’ t recommend it for a scenic road trip on Buffalo. Avoid them and it ’ s worth starting in Bangkok for at a!

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