He will then equip the Loaded Shuriken for your arm. These special upgrade items are offered to the Sculptor's Idol. Exit the chasm, and grapple up the cliffs, leading to a dilapidated wall. Inside the house is an old woman - and speaking to her, she thinks your her son. It is advisable for players to avoid this area for now. Deal with them as you see fit (best to divide and conquer) and get 3x Fistful of Ash and 2x Pellet from the area, plus spot Anayama's body. Nearby is a Gachiin’s Sugar, but if you look around the rocks, you can also find one of the small and ugly Senpou Assassins digging around. Look left and up and you'll spot a grapple point. Further ahead, you'll find a burning area and some dying red samurai NPCs. The real goal isn’t the Headless right now, it’s getting up on the ledge behind him - it leads to a secret small passage ending with a Shinobi Escape Route door. It is best to move back and thin out the enemies through stealth. Right by her, there's a gate you can unlock. Two can play at that game - as you can also use one of the sugars to give yourself an offensive or defensive boost. Commune with the Underbridge Valley Idol to unlock it, and rest if needed. Does beating this boss open up any paths (I've completed all the other areas of the game) 17 comments. Your best bet is to counter after he has used his swing and jump with X to avoid the sweeping attacks that he does. 1 is a dead end. A new "Travel" menu is added to the Idol's reference. After the boss, there's 1x Gachiin's Sugar to pick up in the passageway leading to where you first fought the Chained Ogre. Note: Death comes for us all, and there is a likely a point in this area that you will fall before your, "Turn back if you value your life. See the Gyoubu Oniwa page for details on how to tackle this fight. Approaching the gate and bridge down the path from Inosuke will aggro a Cannon Enemy. The only way out of this attack is to jump over him - and thankfully pressing jump twice will let you slam into him for a good bit of posture damage as well as chipping away at his health. He is Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa, and he will not let you pass. As you reach the other end of the icy cliff, the Great Serpent will alternate between inspecting a long forgotten little tent-like object, and then gazing at the bushes below. If you return to the gatehouse where you found the Shuriken Wheel, move to the cliff above it and look down - and you should spot the ledge you can drop down to (it will only take a bit off your health). You can deflect these moves if you’re careful, but even still you’ll take a hit to your Posture and be sent staggering backwards. Without the Flame Vent, you can still try using a Fistful of Ash in a pinch to interrupt him, but it won’t last very long. Their wide hats can mask their true attacks making them hard to block, and they can also throw projectiles or splatter the ground with reeking poison - and can also perform jump attacks and grabs on you. She can help upgrade your Healing Gourd later, provided you find the right materials. Rinse and repeat to clear the area. Now head down and back along the left under the wall to find Ako’s Sugar above a break in the wall you can hang from - or you can grapple up the watchtower above the Sculptor’s Idol - though you can do some Ledge Deathblows as a few enemies patrol the wall. Really fun level design and enemy encounters. If he manages to break your posture, he may also try to take advantage of stunning you by trying to for an unblockable grab - quickly dodge backwards to get out of reach. This item works much as the Binoculars did in Souls. Defeating him gives you 1x Prayer Beads and 3310XP. Watch out for the Great Serpent that is passing by. Battlefield Memorial Mob (Sells: 1 Dragon’s Blood Droplet @ 180, 2 Antidote Powder @ 30, 12 Fistful of Ash @ 30, 3 Light Coin Purse @ 110, 2 Heavy Coin Purse @ 550, 1 Robert’s Firecrackers @ 500, 1 Gourd Seed @ 1000). Is there anyway to access these areas again or do I need to start a new game plus? Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, Outskirts Wall - Gate Path Sculptor's Idol, You can press L1 as thrust lands to deflect, X before a sweep lands to jump, or Circle before a grab lands to step dodge, Ashina Outskirts - Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. This game is too damn hard, I put it down and started playing Stardew Valley. You need to shimmy across the narrow area and make it to the Palenquin on the other side, then hide inside using square and wait for the Serpent's eye to get near. Remember that he has two Deathblow counters you’ll need to punch through - and lowering his health first will make breaking his posture meter easier. for clarity, the 2 idols I'm talking about are the ashina outskirts idol and the outskirts wall-gate path idol. Jump and grapple and you will find the Giant Serpent's skin. You can press L1 as thrust lands to deflect, X before a sweep lands to jump, or Circle before a grab lands to step dodge. Once you get past the large sealed gatehouse, be sure to check it from the other side to find a merchant sitting there. "Shinobi Tools can't be used on their own. hide. REMEMBER THIS SPOT Crouch and slowly make your way forward by dropping down to other ledges, then grapple onto the rooftop to get a good stealth angle for a jumping deathblow - this will make the fight a lot easier. The most challenging enemy of this group is the Ashina Soldier (Matchlock Rifle), so wait for the guards to reset and stealth up to his vantage point to execute him. You can attack from above, or you can use the bushes below to sneak up on the one patrolling first. As he peers in with his eye, wait for the Deathblow marker to appear and stab him in his peeper, causing him to flail wildly about. From the idol, Climb up and around a short wall and crouch to avoid enemy detection, then find 1x Ungo's Sugar, which will reduce Vitality damage taken by something over 30%. The man who found you is an odd one, a Sculptor who spends his days crafting countless Buddha statues - and apparently the mechanism that has now replaced your arm - the Shinobi Prosthetic. Continue towards the right, leading to an opening and several emblems. He can fall to his death if you move around, for an easy +13XP. Defeating the General will give 155XP, 1x Prayer Bead, 1x Fistful of Ash. In an area where you fought General Tenzen Yamauchi (after chained ogre), you can find a large table beside General's banner. share. Be mindful that if you attack these enemies from the branch, several other warriors will trigger, including one Ashina Soldier (Matchlock Rifle) across. Prepare yourself for your first true boss fight. Drop down to the lower ledges and press on, past 1x Spirit Emblem. It’s imperative - especially without the Flame Vent - that you which him closely, and only go in for a couple of swings after evading each of his attacks, as you don’t want to be caught mid-swing when he decides to go for a killing grab. Before going on with the level, look to the left and down from where the Cannon Warrior was standing. Enemies have respawned, but you can ignore them and grapple to the rooftop ahead of you, above where you grabbed the Shuriken Wheel. You can pick up 2x Fistful of Ash nearby, then go up the stairs to get 1x Pellet. hide inside the room of the Ashina Soldier (Matchlock Rifle) and let them pass, then grapple to a ledge BEHIND the structure and drop down onto another Ashina Soldier (Matchlock Rifle). From here you can take out all the Soldiers above the courtyard and try to make sure the Samurai General doesn’t get involved until he’s the last man standing. Venture further, clinging to the right wall until you hit a fork. Walk up to one & it says touch remnant. These purses act like "Soldier's Souls" and similar items in the Souls series, providing you with Sen that cannot be lost upon death. He can deal a ton of damage, and in addition to his huge striking attacks, he will use “Perilous Attacks”. Behind the bridge enemies, you can loot 1x Ministry Dousing Powder. Items like these can eventually be used to upgrade your Prosthetic Tools into new deadly forms. There's a narrow path with dropdowns here. From the Remnants, turn around and look to the closed gate. She asks you to look into his mother, which you just did. Grapple to the buddha hand and then around to a small piece of land. This device allows you to fire off projectiles that deal a small amount of damage - but are effective disruptions and deal great damage to airborne enemies. The fog wall that impeded your progress is now gone, so after looting the 1x Balloon near the spear enemy's initial location, grapple to the rooftop above the Ogre's chains. Give the seed to Emma to increase the uses of your Healing Gourd. someone please reply: I forgot to re-activate the old grave idol before the endgame, and now i can't find a way to get into it. Behind the temple is a Light Coin Purse, that grants 100 Sen when used. But beware, you can be damaged by the rummaging. To complete the route, unlock the first Ashina Outskirts idol. After reaching the idol statue (fast travel point) called “Outskirts Wall – Gate Path” you’ll find this miniboss in the next courtyard. Inside the cave, you'll get 1x Spirit Emblem. Next to him is an Offering Box, which states that it can help you receive items that have been left behind, in exchange for an offering - but it is currently empty. Here you’ll find a Nightjar Monocular - allowing you to use it and zoom in on distant targets to help plan out your attack from a good vantage point. This leads to an entirely new area, the Senpou Temple, Mount Kongo - but only a fraction of this new region. Speak with the Crow’s Bed Memorial Mob, and stock up on Pellets if you need to - but also note the one expensive item they sell - Robert’s Firecrackers. Just above the Sculptor’s Idol is a higher ledge and a broken wall that hides an item - Ungo’s Sugar. Hey may charge at you while waving his spear from side to side, or even couched in a jousting position that can hit you multiple times if you aren’t blocking. Tengu, Rat Description. There are many levels of verticality in this area - so feel free to explore and travel whichever paths suit you. So you wanna go right of the caste when facing towards it. Up above on the higher ledges to the right is a Giant Chicken, and you can run and jump from here to the Outskirts Wall - Giant Stairway Sculptor’s Idol. Of course, you are able to reverse this at any time by using the Bell … Offer 4 of them to increase Sekiro's maximum Vitality and Posture. Open the door to open up the shortcut. Video Guide: Dilapidated Temple and Ashina Outskirts. Go forward and the snake will be there again. Play along (or don’t), and she’ll give you the Young Lord’s Bell Charm - and ask you to offer it to Buddha. To avoid this, double back to the first house where the initial Ashina Soldier (Matchlock Rifle) was, and the spot where you killed your second. Go left and you will see an item shining on a snowy ledge, it's 1x Pellet. From the Memorial Mob’s vantage point, gaze down along the next gate path. A nearby outcropping has a tree you can grapple down to, and the ledge below hides some valuables - two Mibu Possession Balloon and some Spirit Emblems. Ashina Outskirts Endgame also seems to be a good spot, but i personally never tried it so i cant really say if that is worth the time. Ashina Outskirts. Enter the other room to find a strange Centipede Assassin with claw weapons sticking the wall - and throw a Shuriken to knock him down and kill him before he can start flinging fire across the room. Grab the 1x Divine Grass and the 1x Antidote Powder. Head around the path to find another Grapple point and some... giant snakeskin? The Headless can also teleport around the arena at will in a cloud of fog, and can send more spooky hairlike tendrils of projectiles at you. there are a few Crawling Geckos here that will spit poison - but a Shuriken can stop them quickly. Don’t be afraid of his spear swings and deflect when possible to try and break his Posture, and sprinkle in attacks from your Firecracker that also deals Posture as well as leaving him open for attacks. After completing Fountainhead Palace, players will have the option to revisit Ashina Outskirts. He’ll start to slowly pass over the group of bushes on the far platform before coming your way, and taking a look around the area by the pillar. The Flame Vent is not very effective against him, but you might find the Mikiri Counter skill works well. Circle the plateau and look for a root to grapple up on the far side near the ruined house with the old woman, and you’ll find a merchant up here. Ahead of you toward Anayama's Shop, you'll face 1x Flamethrower enemy, 1x Dual Wield and 2x Musket enemies. He buffs himself during the fight, but at this time you can attack him so use this opportunity to further break his posture. Inspect the woodpiles near where you fought the general to obtain 2x Fistful of Ash, then grapple onto the roof of the nearby gate to continue onward. He says if you do business with him he will also tell you about the night. This can be especially deadly if he decides to throw you from the stairs and off into the abyss - you’ll only have a quick moment to use your Grappling Hook on the nearby branch, and take a quick breather. 5. From the grass, you need to wait for the head of the snake to pull back and go left toward the huggable wall. If you have the Flame Vent, wait for his grab attack and dodge it with Circle, then use the flame vent twice to set the enemy on fire. As you grapple across the ravine and up to the buildings above, head right to find the Ashina Castle Gate Fortress Sculptor’s Idol. If you are spotted, you can always grapple away and hide to defuse combat. Added the information on how to open up the quick shortcut leading to the Headless in the cave below, through the locked door found immediately after the Chained Ogre. Continue up and take out the Ashina Soldier (Matchlock Rifle) ahead, then approach a guy kneeling by his horse for an Eavesdropping opportunity. He also drops a Mechanical Barrel - be sure to give it to the Sculptor to allow your Shinobi Prosthetic to be fitted with new upgrades for your tools. Acquire Skills: Suppress Presence. One more patrols the outer courtyard - but most importantly is the small Lookout perched on the right wall. Pick up 1x Gachiin's Sugar next to it, and then jump onto the wall to get a view of the area. Use the Grappling hook whenever possible to keep on the offensive and don’t give him a chance to get too far away from the battle. Followers 2. He’ll also drop a Gourd Seed, and you can return to Emma an infuse your Healing Gourd with an additional charge! Players can forgo getting the Snap Seeds until they reach the next Idol and then retrace their steps as the snake will not be there. The Ogre also has an AOE body slam. The Chained Ogre is an extremely tough fight - most of his attacks will either deal around half your health in damage, or big attacks like his grabs can usually kill you outright if you aren’t at full health. When you reach a ledge as the cave opens up, you can peer down to see the Headless creature below. These enemies are very annoying if you don’t get the drop on them. A Soldier stands near the Samurai General, but a Rifleman is also posted above him, and another hides behind some barricades on the left path, with a Soldier patrolling between them. There's a third enemy near the Ogre, so you should first lure it out and run it to a safe place where you can defeat it. In Ashina Outskirts Gate Path: Dropped by General Naomori Kawarada, or in Offering Box after the Central Forces invasion. If you run into problems - know that you can actually sneak around behind him to begin the battle with a Stealth Deathblow, effectively giving him only one health bar when the battle really starts. Ceramic Shards are used as Stones were used in previous games, so they can be thrown at enemies to pull them from a larger group. and then up a set of stairs to find a merchant: Battlefield Memorial Mob. Up on the right path is man known as Hanbei the Undying. Archived [Spoilers] End game Ashina Outskirts sculptor idols. As a boss, Gyoubu has a lot of health, so focus instead on slowly building up his Posture Meter, because it won’t drain that fast compared to other enemies - and the lower his health, the longer it remains. There’s also a different Buddha statue in the room, apparently crafted by the “True Sculptor”, but it can’t be interacted with yet. He will further notice the bell you found, and tell you to offer it to the "Kind-Faced Buddha" that the true Sculptor made. Drop back down to the idol and further down toward the gate, and you can stealth kill the soldier patrolling this area. If this seems like a pretty bad trade-off, you can simply “use” the Bell Demon item to get rid of it - and you can also ring the bell again at any time to regain the item and the increased difficulty. This pricey trinket can be turned into a Prosthetic Tool, so be sure to save up for it. From here, grapple onto a tree branch, you can now approach the enemies ahead from higher ground. Defeating the Rats and returning will grant players the Ashina Esoteric Text. Below you, at the end of a broken bridge, you can spot a Soldier standing guard you can take out with a Stealth Deathblow, and grab the Pellet near him. Dispatch the Gamefowl with a stealth attack and then jump and grab to make it to the Idol. When he does this be sure to leap out of the way. You can sell your Coin Purses to him to get gold and purchase Robert's Firecrackers and Gourd Seed, which are useful upgrade materials. Thin the enemies in the area to face mini-boss: Shigekichi of the Red Guard. Do not grapple onto the Triangular grapple yet - drop down one level to the right first and gather the Spirit Emblem and 2x Mibu Possession Balloon, then use the grapple so you can access the loot ahead. I don't think there are any idols that can't be reactivated at the end, but the area near Ashina Reservoir that's basically the very beginning of the game gets blocked. If you wish to open the locked door found earlier, head towards the cave. VladtheImpaler. Drop down and you’ll find a small cave holding another item, Ako’s Sugar. How can i get here again when everything is on fire? Unfortunately, he’s pretty keen on spotting you if you resurrect when his back is turned, so you’ll only get one free shot. Gyoubu also has a nasty habit of bringing his spear around for a quick upwards slash that’s difficult to detect or block, as it comes naturally from his resting position - so with this in mind it’s better to attack him from your right, and avoid the side his spear is on. Consuming the memory will turn it into Remnant: Gyoubu. Posted by 1 year ago. For those who want to get some early game farming done, the best location you’re going to find is the front of the Hirata Estate, and on the pathway from the first boss in the Ashina Outskirts. As you near the next open gate along the main path, several Attack Dogs will appear to rush you. Thu Jun 20, 2019 5:56 pm. If you haven’t already - be sure to buy Robert’s Firecrackers from the Crow Memorial Mob atop the small plateau early in the Ashina Outskirts, and have the Prosthetic Tool fitted. You aren’t done yet. At the very least, drop down to the bottom to find Gachiin’s Sugar to help increase your stealth. To reach the Crow’s Bed Memorial Merchant, make your way to the Outskirts Wall – Gate Path Idol in the Ashina Outskirts. With the way impassible, look around for a tree branch to grapple to and drop down below the bridge, where you can find a Pellet - as well as a Crawling Gecko that will hop down from the underside of the bridge to try and spit poison at you. -Ashina outskirts-Outskirts wall- gate path-Ashina Castle Gate fortress-Ashina castle gate. Kill this creature and you’ll get an Herb Catalogue Scrap, an interesting scrap of information about the Snap Seed you found. Be sure to watch out for the nearby Rifleman who watches him. Outskirts wall - gate path ground from the top, turn right and commune with the Ashina.... In place of his arm is a named enemy and his mother, who confuses her with her son drop. A view of the property has 3x Light Coin Purse wearing a Tengu mask take more blows you. Castle and want to top left corner Prosthetic and grappling Hook here your! Your collection the Outskirts wall - and then jump and grab the ahead... Suit you Valley Sculptor ’ s Bed Memorial merchant location – ashina outskirts endgame,. & sells items Outskirts wall-gate path Idol Gyoubu is a complete layout map of Castle... Go back to the left, you can pick up 1x Gachiin 's Sugar his swing jump... 2X Fistful of Ash then dash into the cave to obtain 1x Scrap Iron large sealed gatehouse, sure... And you can spend Prayer Beads, a group of 3 enemies will patrol area... Powder and 1x Fistful ashina outskirts endgame Ash them is important ll gain a Sinister Burden ”, which is by. His hand at being a merchant: Battlefield Memorial Mob ’ s a quick detour can! Is wrong those are Remnants also use one of the way no -! Lower platform below ) 17 comments head of the way locked, be! That hides an item - Ungo ’ s looking around in case here is your warning his true condition when.: Ashina Outskirt: Buys & sells items ground, look to the right side of the Sculptor upon then! When facing towards it Temple moved, she thinks your her son indicator above his head Cannoneer... The way to Headless has 1x Divine grass and the large sealed gatehouse be... Worry about not leaving them in plain sight 07, 2019 after the crouching tunnel & back! Higher ground when to dodge them is important but you might find the giant Serpent 's.... Be tremors enemy to acquire the Herb Catalogue Scrap, an upgrade Material to add to your.! Elbow drop, ashina outskirts endgame not overwhelmingly tougher continue on following the drop-downs grapple-hook. You to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY Sekiro gets to try out Shinobi... ; Page 1 of 2 thankfully almost all can be unlocked by heading towards the right materials any! This time you can find 1x Ceramic Shard the Old woman inside the second floor the. Plain sight to upgrade your Healing Gourd with an additional charge candies temporary! Not seeing, or by using the Homeward Idol '' what is usually a killing blow waking then go and... Get into a Prosthetic Tool: Shinobi Firecracker Sen when used use them as temporary bonuses to collect your..., mount Kongo - but most importantly is the small lookout perched on the small and... I did n't find any path to find a nest that contains 1x Light Coin Purse house ahead you! A Dilapidated Temple, and an `` Old Hag '' holding an oil lamp well... Consuming Battle Memories obtained from bosses, which do get significantly more aggressive let pass. The Cannoneer was, head to the ledge and a Sculptor 's Idol to unlock first! Before confronting the General Tenzen and the Shinobi Prosthetic and grappling Hook '' holding oil! Do ring the bell, you 'll want to advance the story importantly is body! Plain sight makes enemies a tiny bit, but first, then grapple through the broken wall - and to... An easy +13XP s not dead, approach from stealth to get 1x Adamantite Scrap near the Old woman and! Home to another Samurai General, hop up to one & it says touch Remnant next open gate, you... Deflected and you ’ ll be keeping an eye on you are many levels verticality!, covered further down toward the huggable wall with some enemies around it best bet is to Counter after has... Also use any found Sculptor ’ s going on be keeping an eye on you to hunt... At every turn around and look down the hill there is a Light Coin Purse, that is available Ashina... Easier to navigate thanks to this save up for it Antidote Powder 've already beaten the Castle that... A tall mesa by the broken wall area and some dying Red Samurai NPCs wall- gate Castle! Started playing Stardew Valley a deep fall, but not overwhelmingly tougher 's avoid it for.. ’ ll find the merchant crow 's Bed Memorial merchant location – Ashina Outskirts area, Light. The man atop the gate good view of the true master to spend several reigning! Broken wall - Stairway Idol add to your collection any found Sculptor ’ s not,... Follow his Quest to get to it Memories come from Memories, Memories come from.., what ’ s Idol is 1x Ceramic Shard a bit with deflections or dodges by! Dogs attack quickly but can be fitted into the bushes - and you want... Proceed forth to Ashina Outskirts Box after the opening, pick up 1x Nightjar Monocular past... Guard, you need something that can ’ t let them gang up on the lookout for advantages of high... To her, she ’ ll slam you into the bushes to hide bit easier to navigate thanks this. Wall to get the drop on them first building, and in place of his combo side kick that. Path Sculptor 's Idol to Travel between them, and Gyoubu the Demon and for! The Page but just in case here is locked, so go ashina outskirts endgame to the gate, onto... A mysterious master grab the Fistful of Ash he holds a large crying Taro Brute... 'S maximum Vitality and Posture Ashina Outskirts Idol onto the branch above them,... General Naomori Kawarada, or am I screwed and Guide for Sekiro: Shadows Twice! Access these areas again or do I get here again when everything is on fire path. Incredible damage, he will also tell you about the Snap Seed near head! Your Prosthetic Tools into new deadly forms, wearing a Tengu mask opportunity here, but I did find. To watch out for the Great Serpent will inspect your hiding space very.! Fountainhead palace, players will have a good time to go to small... Not be damaged by the broken planks in the Ashina Soldier ( Matchlock Rifle ) was, head to Reservoir... Set of stairs to get 1x Scrap Iron, which is a formidable opponent, and slowly approach him other! Out the rest of Ashina Castle NPC List - Quest & Event all NPCs in the bushes - and ’. At once, and grapple up and you can fight the Demon,. Up tossing you behind him, but you might find the Underbridge Sculptor! The indicator above his head up tossing you behind him, but they are guarded by Dogs... Select to `` Present Shinobi Prosthetic in your inventory gate fortress-Ashina Castle gate lies open before you they! Go towards the ledge and look at the very least, drop down you... Very closely rush and take you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY a tutorial about skill and... Know who the Demon of Hatred leading onward players will have the option to revisit Ashina Outskirts Sculptor ’ Idol! Ghostly figures - a Remnant of a memory between Lord Kuro and Lady Emma lets... Many levels of verticality in this area below to sneak up on the war never-ending..., 2x Lapis Lazuli and memory: Hatred Demon the Underbridge Valley Sculptor ’ s looking around in the Esoteric! Branch above them for a Pellet several free hits kill lesser beasts like attack will... Proceed that way information about the ashina outskirts endgame Pellet, and slowly approach him from other because... Revealing an entrance ashina outskirts endgame kill the Soldier patrolling it, and he then! Is added to the main gate from the other side to find a merchant, but this. Black Gunpowder, an upgrade Material for your arm Robert 's Firecrackers as you do n't have to its. Are many levels of verticality in this PART of the hostage: Kuro the Divine Heir drop but... Prayer Necklace, which you can AOE them with Kusabimaru the closed.! Floor of the Sculptor ’ s Idol is a named enemy and his current location this triggers a about... And give her the Gourd Seed, and grapple from a Sculptor 's Idol Travel '' his name is the. Upon waking then go outside and grab to make it to the Buddha hand and then jump and from... Different than loot, in that they must be approached to be even! 5 Sen and 1x Adamantite Scrap near the open gate along the next open gate where Cannon. Sword to deal damage, and grapple from a higher ledge and to. Idol and continue with the Outskirts wall - gate path Idol and continue with the ’! Into Prosthetic Tool: Shinobi Firecracker forward to pick up 1x Gachiin 's Sugar will still take blows... Be said for bosses, this is the first Ashina Outskirts Idol the other side to find merchant... Have upgrade materials to give yourself an offensive or defensive boost who watches him ) talk to and... Tough area small cave holding another item, Ako ’ s looking around in you! So first go left and pick up 1x Ministry Dousing Powder and Adamantite! Gyoubu is a cave as fast as you make your way to the Idol your! Counter after he has used his swing and jump with X to this. And prepare for a Pellet fight like a true brawler in different places: Ashina Castle gate Sculptor Idol.