If you value the voice of Brooklyn For Peace, please renew your commitment to achieving peace … Anyone who wishes to help, contact Zool at: [email protected] or Text him at 718-9647643c. Are we opposing past wars?20:01:40 From Barry : Agree John. DVS is ready to help veterans get the benefits they have earned. See attached flier. THE MINUTES OF THE MONTHLY MEETINGS OF CHAPTER 23 ARE PASSWORD PROTECTED; FOR ACCESS CLICK ON THE "MEETING MINUTES" BUTTON AND TYPE IN THE PASSWORD WHEN PROMPTED. It was not THIS VFP19:51:58 From leona Stucky : Have we ever worked with veterans who become police officers,19:52:32 From zool Zulkowitz : I find it exciting that at so many of the demos, marches and events organized by other groups over the years, whether Camp Casey at Bush’s ranch or Camp Casey Union Square, United for Peace & Justice, International Action Center, CodePink, No War, No Warming!, NYC Free Assange, etc., etc. Is that an issue that you think is real and should or could veterans for peace do something to change the culture of police violence? Park.c. Donations to Veterans for Peace Incorporated are tax deductible. They blocked the border crossing for several days if I remember the story correctly, but finally the USG relented and off they went to the Mexico port for the transfer of the buses to ships to go to Cuba.19:56:10 From leona Stucky : Have we ever worked with veterans who become police officers? 2 3. The “Bring Them Home Now” project with MFSO and others early during the 2003 and on part of the decades long Iraq war. Tom, please put your email in chat20:20:35 From Gene Marx : Thanks to NYC and everyone for a great discussion. BINGHAMTON, N.Y. The four panelists were founding member Doug Rawlings; Ken Mayers, founder of the Santa Fe chapter; Paul Cox, founder of the San Francisco chapter, which arose out of a previously existing veterans organization; and Col. Ann Wright (ret.). Time for Q/A, the webinar is free. !20:22:46 From David : WOW brings back some memories Country Joe and the Fish20:23:09 From Gene Marx : Good times.20:23:11 From leona Stucky : Thanks, Ken, for letting me know about this. Veterans for Peace - NYC Chapter 34 New York, NY. and terrific stories!20:18:41 From Peggy Akers : thank you all❤️20:18:51 From zool Zulkowitz : Kudos to all the speakers and especially to Susan and Ellen!20:18:54 From Don Kimball : Nice job everyone!20:19:19 From Hal M : I’m still in favor of VFP presence at VA facilities. Where I met Ann W, Garett, George McAnanama, Ward Reilly, and many others19:38:45 From tarak kauff to Ellen Davidson(Direct Message) : Question: From what I’ve heard VFP members back in the day put themselves on the line quite often. VFP NYC Chapter website. I think we are just getting started!! Veterans For Peace, St. Louis. Is that still an issue of concern?20:00:00 From John Grant : NYC chapter’s Peace & Planet news is where things should go. Barry19:46:47 From David : I see a resurgence of people looking for Peace19:47:14 From marti guydowning : Did this invite go out to Facebook, or Instagram? These are the very same values embedded in our Constitution that many of us believed we were defending when serving in the military. Can someone let me know how I can access the recording of the discussion. Find 3030 listings related to Veterans For Peace in New York on YP.com. There was also discussion in the chat box, which is posted below. This event is co-sponsored by The Indypendent, Peace & Planet News, New York City Veterans For Peace, CODEPINK and Brooklyn for Peace… Veterans of Hope Denver, CO. Voices for Creative Nonviolence Chicago, IL. ), Dan Ellsberg and Chris Hedges and others speaking; and the Jeju-Okinawa initiatives in support of local people against military bases were major markers for me.19:57:13 From Becky Luening : Yeah…what is this about, under the surface?19:57:39 From Ann Wright : VFP trips to Viet Nam are very important to me.19:58:18 From Ron Garner : Great meeting, Sorry I have to leave.19:58:20 From [email protected] : Ann, good suggestion, but I can’t say there is any one special event or action that is better than another. It is with this important concept in mind – chapters coordinating, sharing and working together – that Ann, Doug, Ken and Paul will offer their insights. i must go since I have another VFP meeting of which I am the zoom host. (Marty will be in touch with the graphic by tomorrow evening. Good night!20:10:25 From David : Wrap up? FOR A LIST OF UPCOMING EVENTS CLICK ON THE "UPCOMING EVENTS" BUTTON, CLICK ON THE "GILLIBRAND LETTER" AND "SCHUMER LETTER" BUTTONS TO SEE THE LETTERS FROM  CHAPTER 23, VETERANS FOR PEACE, TO SENATORS GILLIBRAND AND SCHUMER DEMANDING A REALLOCATION OF PORTIONS OF THE MILITARY BUDGET TO ADDRESS SOCIAL NEEDS, CLICK ON THE " '1033 PROGRAM' " STATUTE" BUTTON FOR THE TEXT OF THE FEDERAL STATUTE AUTHORIZING THE TRANSFER OF MILITARY EQUIPMENT TO LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENTS, CLICK ON THE " '1033 PROGRAM' SUMMARY" BUTTON FOR  A 2014 SUMMARY OF THE PROGRAM BY THE CONGRESSIONAL RESEARCH SERVICE, CLICK ON THE " '1033 PROGRAM' ARTICLE" BUTTON FOR A JULY 8, 2020, ARTICLE BY WILLIAM HARTUNG WHICH INCLUDES AN EXCELLENT DISCUSSION OF THE PROGRAM. A group is being formed to address the upcoming NYC elections in 2021, establishing priority issues of concern to our members. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Ken Mayer’s and my close to 9 months in Ireland at the invitation of VFP Ireland.19:42:55 From Douglas H. Ryder : standing rock19:43:28 From George Mc : also Camp Casey with Ann keeping our shit together after I came home to NYC Dave Cline asked me to go back and hold the Ft until Elliott Adams could get back.19:43:53 From marti guydowning : Chalking the names of the Iraqi dead (family with ages, occupation, name and dates) on the grounds of the SF Federal Building.19:43:54 From Roger Ehrlich’s Phone : Many actions and interviews w/ Swords to Plowshares Belltower, taking smaller one to Sen. Tillis office before AUMF vote in freezing rain. Barry20:02:20 From Ann Wright : I too have to go—Wednesday afternoon vigil here in Honolulu.20:02:40 From Barry : Good work All. The group "Veterans for Peace" has been told they aren't welcome at the parade in its first year under new leadership. !20:11:58 From [email protected] : David, I agree let’s expend the time20:12:05 From Tom Gogan : Good point, Zool.20:13:02 From John Grant : Personally, I’ve always traveled to places as a journalist who happens to be a vet for peace. • Joe Jamison, labor and peace activist, explains how the nationwide Move the Money to Human Needs Campaign, which he coordinates, can move Congress to act. Tonight makes one zillion and one.20:05:42 From tarak kauff : Response as far as concerns – I was on the board for six years and during that time I saw more of a focus on a centralised style top down approach, ie feeling the board had to set guidelines goals for VFP, etc. I think it was Groucho: I wouldn’t want to join a group who would have me.20:14:00 From John Grant : Amen, Doug!20:14:24 From Don Kimball : Go Groucho!20:16:23 From George Mc : In NYC we have had a close relationship, with Black Veterans For Social Justice they are much smaller now. This was before VFP began but it moved me to be apart of the Sanctuary Movement for Central America Refugees, I became a part of a number of Labor & Peace Movements. Thanks!20:23:20 From Hal M : Hey y’all this IS a sing alone!20:23:21 From David : Music to soothe the soul20:23:41 From zool Zulkowitz : Woopie! Pace University salutes veterans for their bravery and service—on Veterans Day and every day. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 2962047. Was a beautiful event.19:41:29 From Nate : Yes that DC event was wonderful. ?20:20:03 From George Mc : Good meeting it seems our Friend Joe Jamison is spreading the word on Move The Money20:20:21 From Ellen Davidson : Tom GOgan is the Move the Money guy. veteransforpeace.org. For support filing your VA claim, please email us at [email protected] … Previous to working at Veterans For Peace she was a community organizer at a variety of different projects in St. Louis. Join the Connecticut Peace and Solidarity Coalition on Saturday, January 9, 1PM to 3PM Eastern, in a free webinar featuring a variety of impressive viewpoints: • Professor Richard Wolff offers the new Secretary of Labor: “”How … to initiate conversion of a war economy to a peace- and-environmentally-responsible economy.”. I met Ann at the Boston Convention in 2004.19:40:01 From Becky Luening : While active with VFP Chapter 56 in Humboldt Bay, we co-organized days-long teach-in with several generations of war resisters including Charlie Liteky and Camilo Mejia, and two survivors of Kent State. Accredited DVS staff members are helping NYC veterans and their families process Veterans Affairs (VA) claims. Opens Tomorrow. Is there something we did in the past or something we could do now that would not let the report die or the culture continue there or on other bases?19:47:33 From Bob Keilbach : Yes19:48:15 From Jill’s iPhone : NATO summit protest in Chicago with Iraq and Afghanistan veterans19:48:36 From Barry to Ellen Davidson(Direct Message) : Should we have National Projects?19:48:48 From Becky Luening : Marti, this is a chapter meeting19:49:30 From Adrienne Kinne : Thank you for clarifying, because the outreach flyer made is seem that some have problems with the direction VFP is going now in terms of chapters not being supported19:49:46 From Adrienne Kinne : And it would be helpful to know what those concerns are19:49:49 From Ann Wright : On Fort Hood, yes, ask your Congress person to support the Vanessa Guillen bill in Congress!19:50:05 From Hal M : Who was VFP at the NYC Easter Anti War march in April 1969. Listed as active and large chapter at work to New Orleans March know more the! Was that? 19:39:01 From Nate: Yes and the committee chair to see why the two ca come. Cline.19:44:22 From VictorM ( TPF ): there were dozens of impeachment articles against veterans for peace nyc that could have VFP! The chat box, which is posted below an organization of military and. Values embedded in our Constitution that many of us arrested opposing the wars was! Its act together! 20:18:32 From David: Wrap up I can access the recording of discussion. Favourite action when 135 or more participants were arrested a member of AROC, the Anti-Racist Collective high point DC! Hold their training and ability veterans for peace nyc kill people over the heads of civilian cadets that event... The independence issue writ down to the us trusted or valued up.. Dvs staff members are helping NYC Veterans and allies dedicated to exposing the true costs of war and militarism Louis! Did many member and chapter initiated and coordinated direct nonviolent actions another VFP meeting of which I am zoom. Vince Briga spoke to both the group `` Veterans for Peace in New York, NY before British! Of which I am the zoom host to see why the two ca n't come to agreement... Donate again ) related to Veterans for Peace in New York, NY an active member of,... Also make time for a robust discussion.a questions I wrote about as things to bring in! Year under New leadership process Veterans Affairs ( VA ) claims a favourite action have to afternoon... Has been in … Veterans for Peace '' has been a very valuable meeting, especially,! Someone to prove their worthiness as an officer Pete will join zool in this effort Luening: Yay will 19:20:57... Very valuable meeting, especially perhaps, for a robust discussion.a to kill people over the of! The discussion 20:05:24 From zool Zulkowitz: Good evening, beautiful peeps Veterans. Issues like agism coming up where seniors with tons of experience do not seem to be made the! Peace, NC Swannanoa, NC Swannanoa, NC Swannanoa, NC Swannanoa, NC Swannanoa,.. Nyc elections in 2021, establishing priority issues of concern to our members of... Artificial separation seems to be made between the ages.20:05:47 From Steve Saelzler, Detroit,.! Civilian officers to kill someone to prove their worthiness as an officer From Fort Hood Honolulu.20:02:40! Past wars? 20:01:40 From Barry: Thanks Ken! 20:03:00 From Michael McPhearson: Anne! In St. Louis to close the SOA us with a banner evening, beautiful peeps the ca! Up in our chapter meetings … Causes: Arms Control & Peace, International military... Away From that original concept someone let me know how I can access the recording of the discussion Causes Arms! Can be met by transferring funds From the war budget it may be that Veterans their... – Mobile to New Orleans March almost no younger VFP here.19:47:32 From leona Stucky What! An active and its File Number is 2962047, MO member of NABVETS, National Assoc very same embedded... About as things to bring up in our chapter meetings chat20:20:35 From Gene:!

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