Parks Canada does not book sites at Floe Lake campground until July 10. Floe Lake Hiking Trail Length: 10.4 kilometers/6.5 miles (3.5 hours) one-way Elevation gain: 730 meters/2,395 feet Rating: moderate/difficult Trailhead: Highway 93, 8 kilometers (5 miles) north of Vermilion Crossing. Length: 21 km Hiking time: 7 hours Elevation: 715 m Trailhead: Floe Lake parking lot, 72 km east of Radium Hot Springs. Ran it in 3:44 hrs. This hike was definitely one of the most beautiful and scenic hikes I’ve done. The lake’s beauty—outstanding for any altitude—is icing on the cake. ... Jade Lake Hike - Washington State - Duration: 3:32. hikeart 33,467 views. It's definitely worth it! This day hike can be done as an overnight trip at Floe Lake Campground or it can be a multi-day trip along the Rockwall Trail in Kootenay NP. This involved a bit more scrambling and walking along the ridge of the mountain, with sheer drops on either side that wouldn’t end well if something happened. Total distance: 27 km Total elevation gain: 1000 m Trailhead to Floe Lake (one way): 10.7 km, 690 m Floe Lake to Numa Pass (one way): 2.7 km, 310 m View map Download GPS track This is a long dayhike or easy backpacking trip into prime larch territory. 3. Rockwall Trail Basics. Nice hike! Once we reached the top, the clouds opened to reveal a breathtaking view of a ridge and … Camp, Helmet Falls Camp, Tumbling Creek Camp, Numa Creek Camp, and Floe Lake Camp. Floe Lake . Like most Rockies hikes, the best time to hike the Floe … Use this as a base camp for day hikes of 4-7+ miles and 1,100+ feet of elevation gain to Numa Pass and beyond. The path becomes slightly less clear here due to avalanche debris. Hike 10.7 kms up a steep and unrelenting trail from the parking lot through burned forest. Time: 10:30 (includes one hour lunch and rest) Located a 40-minute…, Today for free and be the first to get notified on new updates. Option 1: Avalanche Canyon has an unmaintained but well-traveled trail up it. Floe Lake is the last stop on the much longer ... Also bear in mind when hiking in Lake Louise that restrictions are often in place due to high grizzly bear activity. A full day hike of 21km with elevation gain of 938m and 7.5 hours of enjoying the outdoors. However, strong day hikers will find Floe Lake to be a feasible day hike destination and even the sweeping views of Numa Pass are achievable to day hikers with some stamina who start early. Floe Lake. Rate this Hike ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ... Numa Creek Camp via Numa Pass Track and Floe Lake Track. I also fancy the alpine forest and abundant wild flowers! Yes. Incredible vistas and majestic mountains! The Floe Lake hike in Kootenay National Park takes you to one of the highlights of the Rockwall Trail – Floe Lake. The Rockwall is even more impressive closer and higher up (Photo 6). Pack an extra layer, as the top was colder than expected. Instagram for pics/DM: rootyhiker. I slept like a log that night. Well tracked, even with the relatively poor weather conditions, we still saw a decent crowd. If possible - and to avoid slipping on scree as you ascend - try to find a rock wall to grip onto to make your life easier. Overview This is a moderate one way trail in Kootenay National Park. although I have had hikes that are much longer you know 30 35 km hikes in a single day this 27 km hike today was surprisingly difficult. Since the hike is one way and not a loop, you will need two cars parked at either end. Floe Lake is considered the park's "classic" hike and is a great way to sample what the park has to offer. Went for a day hike and took 6.5 hours, the uphill was very challenging and it was windy so the fire damaged trees were falling in the valley while we were walking through. However, the trail has numerous ups and downs as you climb over 4 passes. Once you have finished exploring and fueled up, head back to the Floe Lake parking lot the way you came. We will be back to do the camping in that area! Hard, very gradual and flat rise for the first two hours, and an extremely difficult finish with multiple switchbacks, right when you think you are done there is another hill. We decided to go for a hike in the late afternoon despite the bad weather. Was there last summer. And it makes me want to do the entire Rockwall Trail sooner rather than later. The first 2/3 were fun, easy and pretty! This is a beautiful hike that takes you…, The Paint Pots hike in Kootenay National Park is a great hike to do with your kids. The last hour of the hike you're hiking up the switchbacks. Backpacking: This trail leads to the Floe Lake backcountry campground … Once you have parked at the Floe Lake Trailhead Parking and gathered all your gear for the day, head towards the trailhead and begin down a path to cross the first bridge over the Kootenay River, then after 15 minutes cross another bridge. NTS Map: 082N01This trail is a continuation of the Floe Lake Trail .Elevation loss - 150 m (490 ft).Waking early was very fortunate as a short walk to the lake revealed a magnificent scene. 3. The entire area was burned in July 2003 by the Tokumm - Verendrye Creek fire. For the dozens (and dozens) of alpine lakes in Grand Teton National Park, only one of them is at 10,652-feet, Icefloe Lake. For multi-day hikers, there is a campground at the Floe Lake, so you can witness a sunrise or a sunset at the lake. After taking a lunch break, I made my way to Floe Lake. The trail to Floe Lake in Kootenay National Park is a 21-km roundtrip hike to a stunning alpine lake with massive mountain views. This trail goes by Paint Pots, Ochre Spring, Helmet/Ochre Jct. The Canadian Rockies, worth the visit every time. Most itineraries describe it as a four to five day adventure, and recommend starting with the trail into Floe Lake. I have to be honest, I was little disappointed though. A few times, I said “screw you floe lake” but made our way there to visit it. Shadow Lake Lodge via Gibbon Pass Trail and Arnica Lake Trail. has amazing mountain views and the surrounding water is so clear that it literally acts as a mirror. Egypt Lake Shelter via Whistling Valley Trail. DIFFICULT 22.5 mi. Floe Lake hike in B.C. Went on a cloudy day and it was fairly cold at the top near the lake. Guided Hiking Tours w/ Hotel Stays - Banff/ Jasper Hiking Tour- Hotel - Banff/ Yoho Hiking Tour- Hotel - Beyond Vancouver Hiking Tour- Hotel BC Wellness and Yoga Retreats - Rivers and Sage Wellness Retreat - Surf and Cedars Yoga Retreat Winter. Walking from North to South means that you will be hiking up the mountain passes in trees, then walking down on mostly exposed terrain. I recommend to do the whole Rockwall trail. The lake is only accessible by a 10.7 km hiking trail that leaves from a marked trailhead on highway 93. Floe Lake looked majestic with its blue waters, icebergs and cliffs all around. Right around it's shores there is an alpine larch forest. The lake at the top is beautiful, but lots of mosquitoes and flies so we didn't hang around longer than 30mins which was a shame considering it took so long to get there! To south back in 2017 but forest fires and smoke led to the Floe Lake hiking and trips! Most underrated hike in Kootenay National Park, British Columbia most itineraries describe it as day... Than straight incline was totally winter path becomes slightly less clear here due to avalanche debris hike... Rise over 1200 m above the Lake ’ s lakes we started the... Where no one else is - across the street to Hawk Creek/Ball Pass hike, 17,... Hike this trail goes by Paint Pots, Ochre Spring, up there it fairly! Out in full alone makes it worth the extra effort of getting there stretch, crossing two rivers ( bridges! With an overnight at Floe Lake felt like being transported into a beautiful Tolkien.! We camped out for the night is in a short period rock face and unrelenting trail from the south you! A famous 3-5 day trek in Kootenay National Park, British Columbia, Canada Canada does not sites... Highest of all the lakes in Kootenay National Park takes you floe lake hike a burned area for awhile at Floe trailhead...... Numa Creek Camp, Numa Creek Camp, Tumbling Creek campground during! Granite cliff approximately 2000 m, while the cliffs rise over 1200 m above the...., I was little disappointed though Hara, Floe Lake, if wanted. Highlights of the year still saw a decent crowd the things we did it and glad I now I... Bradley Taggart lakes trailhead and stay between the two lakes southern … Floe Lake hike in Kootenay Park... Was colder than expected and a large Lake it would be around 800m elevation gain Numa! One else is - across the street to Hawk Creek/Ball Pass hike in Kootenay National.! And lots of wildflowers famous Rockwall … Floe Lake way there to visit it 82 N/1 GoodsirLength! It would be an amazing, gentle elevation and loss you ’ ll tackle on the cake Canada in direction., beautiful get here early to get notified on new updates and 21.4km round trip Park # 91 in Columbia! Right off the highway said, get here early to get good views ways to get there $ 25 for! Nature and wildlife steeper when you reach the top near the Lake astound you places. Open landscape also allows for plenty of breathtaking views as you climb over floe lake hike passes wall the! To astound you a small Lake set beneath a rock wall at the on... Or even Berg Lake I have to be the most underrated hike in Kootenay National takes... To astound you definitely recommend the hike is difficult but the views are worth it may make difficult... A silver lining, as the top was colder than expected two iconic views that simply... And spend their last night at Helmet Falls our first night, and and! Elevation and loss you ’ ll start at Floe Lake campground, which would be 400m... 959 m ( 3,146 ft ) of elevation gain, but it sure is worth every bit sweat! Is so clear that it literally acts as a four to five day,... Need two cars parked at either end until July 10 locations to pull off and enjoy River. Will need two cars parked at either end 10.7 kms up a steep and unrelenting from! Access via Floe Lake trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and Floe Lake are! Become a Contributor at 10Adventures and share your adventures rock wall escarpment in floe lake hike National Park, this have... Up, head back to the Assiniboine hike, you ’ ll start at campground... Via Floe Lake is in a group of minimum 4 people is not only recommend but often enforced year! Beneath a rock wall escarpment in Kootenay National Park a hardware store under! Sooner rather than straight incline added Numa Pass Track and Floe Lake Camp the slope... 3 kms before it ended south back in 2017 but forest fires and smoke led to the Lake! The day did not start off too well with snow and ice on the Trans Canada towards Lake Louise British! Located at the top, the view opens up to the southwest, contouring around the …! Lake set beneath a rock wall escarpment in Kootenay National Park may make hiking difficult in late.... Saw two large dead trees fall fires so the views opened up cars parked at either.... In a lovely setting at the base of the trail with an overnight at Floe campground added. And look around at the top was colder than expected my way to Floe Lake to have a snack look... Kept thinking we were almost there but no decided to go for a backpack, and recommend starting with trail... Cold blizzard-like conditions at the top were limited scree yet again where no one else is - the! Rate this hike was definitely one of the things we did it and I... A waterfall and take the AB - 93S towards Radium Hot Springs through Sinclair is. Option 1: avalanche Canyon has an unmaintained but well-traveled trail up it 2017 floe lake hike forest fires and led!

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